The Fill Selector's Tile/Image Fill option works like the Solid Fill, but instead of a solid color, the shape is filled with a texture, simple pattern or another picture. An unlimited variety of unique fills can be created by combining this tool with pictures containing complex patterns, textures, etc.

Click the Texture Fill tab to fill the interior of the shape using a repeating texture. A list of available textures will be displayed below the tab along with two small buttons allowing you to use the texture's original colors or tint the texture with the selected Fill Color. The Pattern Fill tab provides you with a list of simple monochrome fill patterns which can be either solid or transparent. The Image Fill tab allows you to load a custom picture as your fill source. You can select a file from your hard drive or select another currently open picture.

If the area to be filled is larger than the selected tile, PixelNEO will automatically replicate the image to produce a continuous pattern. For this reason, the best tiles tend to be those that can be duplicated, and the copies placed side by side, to produce a seamless pattern. For example:

A tile image like this:

will look like this when used to fill a larger area:

Since the tile image was designed so that its right and bottom sides perfectly match its left and top sides, it produces a seamless pattern.