Use the Layer Properties command to rename or alter the appearance of the active layer.

The title that appears next to the layer's thumbnail in the Layer Palette can be changed by editing the Name field. The layer name is optional and is for informational purposes only.

The Visible check box indicates whether the layer is visible or hidden.

The Blend Mode option allows you to change the method PixelNEO uses to draw the layer onto the picture. For most applications, you will leave this setting on Normal, but you can create some interesting special effects by experimenting with the other modes.

Use the Opacity slider to adjust the transparency of the layer. 255 = solid/opaque, 0 = completely invisible/transparent. By changing a layer's opacity you can make it appear partially transparent.

Most of these options can also be configured from the Layer Viewer.

Layers are only available when editing 24-bit or 32-bit pictures.