Use the Flatten commands to merge all layers into the background creating a simple non-layered picture. This is necessary before layered pictures can be imported into other applications.

Select Combine Visible Layers to merge all layers marked as visible into a single layer. Any layers marked as hidden will be retained as separate layers.

Select the Flatten Merge Visible Layers command to combine only layers marked as visible. All hidden layers will be discarded. This will produce a picture that matches what you see on-screen.

Select the Flatten Merge All Layers command to combine all layers regardless of their visible state.

If you want to retain your layers for future editing, you should first save the picture as a PixelNEO Layered Graphic (NPG) or a Photoshop™ Document (PSD). Both of these file formats will retain the layer information. If you try to save a picture with more than one layer to any other file format, PixelNEO will prompt you to flatten the picture before saving.

Layers are only available when editing 24-bit or 32-bit pictures.