PixelNEO includes a large assortment of special effects and filters that can be used to alter an entire picture or selected area. The Effect Browser provides convenient place where you can experiment with PixelNEO's entire compliment of special effects.

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A copy of the original, unmodified picture is shown in the Before window. The After window contains a preview of how the picture will look when the selected effect is applied. Drag the vertical slider to adjust the magnification level of the preview images. Click the button to shrink the preview images so that they fit completely within the preview window, or click the button to display the preview image actual size (1:1). If needed, you may move the preview to display a different portion of the picture using the scroll bars or by dragging its center with the mouse. The button can be used to quickly zero in on a specific area of the picture.


Each of PixelNEO's effect filters are listed here, with similar effects organized into categories. Making a selection from the list will update the Effect Options panel to include any controls necessary to adjust the behavior of that effect.

Effect Options

This panel includes controls necessary to adjust the behavior and appearance of the selected effect. (Some effects do not have options.) The number and types of controls will vary depending on the effect selected. A preview of what the effect will look like can be seen in After preview window.

Click the Apply button to apply the selected effect to the active picture or selection. After applying an effect, the dialog box will remain open allowing you to select additional effects. You can use the Undo button to remove effects applied during this session.

When you are finished, use the Close button to hide the Effect Browser.