This section contains descriptions of the commands found in the NeoGrab menu. For more information, select a command from the picture below:

PixelNEO's integrated screen capture utility, NeoGrab, is an extremely useful tool for creating screen shots for manuals, training, newsletters, websites and many other uses. For example, NeoGrab was used to capture all of the PixelNEO screens that appear in this help file.

To activate NeoGrab, select one of the capture modes from the NeoGrab menu. A brief message will pop up reminding you of the Hot Key to be pressed when you are ready to perform the capture. The PixelNEO window will then be minimized to move it out of your way. Locate the items on the screen that you want captured and press the capture Hot Key (The default key is F11 but may be changed here). If the capture was successful, the PixelNEO window will be restored and the captured image open for editing, saving, etc. At any time before pressing the Hot Key, the capture may be canceled by returning to PixelNEO.