Use the Standard Polygon Tool to create geometric shapes with straight edges. To draw a polygon, position the mouse cursor over your picture where you want the top left corner the shape to begin. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to create a line for the first side. When the line reaches the desired length and position, release the mouse button. Next, move the mouse to the point where the second side will terminate. A rubber-band line will follow the cursor. When the second side has been correctly positioned, click once with the left mouse button to set the line. Continue constructing the sides of your object. When you click on the point at which you started, the polygon will be complete, and the line width, color and object fill will be painted. You also may draw the last side by clicking the right mouse button.

You can enable the Option Panel's Anti-alias option to smooth the edges of the shape.

To create a polygon without a border, set the Line Width slider on the Option Panel to zero. A hollow polygon can be created by selecting the Hollow/No Fill button from the Fill Selector.