Use the Stamp Tool to "stamp" clip art onto your picture just like a rubber stamp. You also may drag the stamp cursor like a brush to paint with a stamp image. A list of installed stamp images can be viewed using PixelNEO’s Stamp Pad which can be opened from the Options menu, or by clicking the icon on the Option Panel (shown below).

The Option Panel as it appears when the Stamp Tool is active.

Stamp images can be resized using the Option Panel's Size slider. The Opacity slider can be used to make the stamp partially transparent. The stamp can be rotated in 1° increments using the Rotation control.

When using older stamp images, you can enable the Anti-alias option to smooth the stamp's edges. Newer stamp images, which are already anti-aliased, don't benefit much from this option.

Enabling the Wrap option causes stamp images to wrap around to the opposite side of the screen when they move beyond the picture’s boundaries.