The Picture Info command displays important information (file size, format, dimensions, color depth, etc.) about the active picture.

This command includes controls for setting the picture's Resolution/dpi which is primarily used for printing and calibrating PixelNEO's on-screen rulers.

If the active picture is a Transparent GIF, then an option will also be available for selecting the picture's Transparent Color. The transparent color is used to indicate which color in the palette will be marked as transparent. Any pixels in the picture that use this color will appear transparent (see through). All other colors will be opaque (solid).

Tabs at the top of the Picture Info screen allow you to view and modify any comments or EXIF information that might have been stored with the image. Not all file formats support comments or EXIF information, so it is not guaranteed that anything you enter here will be saved with your picture.

File formats that support EXIF are JPEG, TIFF and some RAW formats. File formats that support comments are GIF and PNG.