PixelNEO 's Palette Editor contains options for modifying, loading and saving custom sets of colors called a palette. Palettes are only required for 16 and 256 color pictures so if you're working on a 16 million color (24/32-bit) or black and white (1-bit) picture you won't have access to (or need for) the Palette Editor.

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Color Selector

The left side of the Palette Editor contains a selection of colors that are associated with the current picture. Select a color to modify by clicking one of the boxes in the palette. The color sliders on the right will change to reflect the color values that comprise the selected color.

Color Sliders

Sliders representing individual elements that comprise the selected color are displayed in the center of the Palette Editor. Initially, three sliders representing the amount of Red, Green and Blue (RGB) pigment used by the selected color are visible. By specifying levels (from 0 to 255) of these three elements, you can create any one of the 16 million colors in the computer's palette. Drag the sliders to modify the selected color. More precise adjustments can be made by entering a number (0-255) into the edit field next to each slider.

In addition to the RGB color model, the tabs above the sliders can be used to switch between CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black), HSV (Hue/Saturation/Value) and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) color models. These are basically just different methods of identifying the same colors. No method is better than the other.

Preview Box

The Preview Box shows the effect your modifications have on the selected color. The Index is the position of the selected color in the palette. If you have selected the Show Unused Palette Entries option from the Color menu (see below), a number indicating how many pixels in the current picture contain the selected color will also be displayed here.


The File menu allows you to load a previously saved color palette (or a palette used by another image), or to save your edited palette for future use.

The Edit menu contains selections which allow you to Undo or Redo an operation or to rearrange the colors on the palette using the Cut, Copy and Paste functions.

The Color menu contains options allowing you to reset and optimize the palette. Select the Reset option to restore either the currently selected or all palette colors to their original values. The Add Windows Colors option can be used with 256 color palettes to insert the standard Windows colors into the current palette. The Add Color Gradient option allows you to select any two palette colors and automatically fill in the shades in between. The Show Unused Palette Entries option will flag colors (if any) in the palette that are not used in the current picture, and Show Duplicate Colors can be used to flag colors (if any) that appear more than once in the current palette.

Speed Bar

The Speed Bar contains buttons that provide single click access to several often used Editor commands from the Menu.

Click the Apply button to saves your changes and update your picture. The Cancel button returns you to PixelNEO without saving changes to the palette.