PixelNEO 's 3-D Editor is used to rotate and position three dimensional objects prior to final placement within a picture.

After constructing your initial shape using one of PixelNEO's 3D tools, the 3D Editor will appear providing you with controls that allow you to rotate your object in three-dimensions.

You can rotate your object along any combination of the X axis (vertical through the center from top to bottom), Y axis (horizontal through the center, from side to side), and/or Z axis (through the center from front to back). To rotate the object interactively, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse cursor in the direction you want the object to be rotated. The object will rotate in real time as you move the mouse. You can also choose a more precise rotation angles using the X, Y and Z controls on the 3-D Editor screen.

The entire object may be moved by holding down the right mouse button and dragging the object to a new location.

The Depth slider can be used to increase or decrease the object's size along the Z axes.

The Lighting buttons control the direction of the light source shining on the object. Depending on the light direction, the selected fill color will be either darkened or lightened slightly to simulate shadows and enhance the three-dimensional effect.

Enable the Show Axes option to display colored lines indicating the position of each axes in space.

When the object's size, shape and position are satisfactory, click the OK button to draw it onto your picture.